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a r t i s t   s t a t e m e n t

I've always loved the world's abstract designs, whether in fashion, photography, paintings  or people.

I am happiest when I am painting.  When I paint, it lets me interpret design and transfer it to a canvas.  The abstract shapes and lines slowly become landscapes, giving me energy and helping to express my view.  Using different mediums (acrylic, paper, and molding paste) adds new elements that helps bring life to what I see.

While I'm creating, I look at the canvas, get a sense of space, and my mind is drawn to color.  Small marks help me create a pattern, and tension is added with intensity of color.  It's always a process with me: Painting, sanding, layering, rearranging,
and painting again until the work becomes real in my eyes.  

Every painting has different elements, all open to interpretation by the varying eyes of viewers.  I hope to make people stop, think, feel, dream, remember...all without being limited to any specific detail of the painting itself.  I've gone through my life being moved by the world around me, and I hope to give that experience back to others through my art.

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