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Worthy is the Lamb Worthy is the Lamb

12x12x1.5 abstract acrylic lamb on gallery wrapped canvas 

The Lord's My Shepherd The Lord's My Shepherd

20x20x1.5 acrylic abstract sheep on gallery wrapped canvas

Horses Running wild Horses Running wild

22x28x1.5 abstract acrylic horses on a gallery wrapped canvas 

Balance Balance

11x14 acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas. Part of the spirit animal collection 4.3.21. 

the flamingo: the flamingo is very social, energetic, and fun. However, the flamingo also understands the importance of allowing oneself to feel all of its feelings. The flamingo is very balanced. The flamingo gets energy and new ideas from gathering with others and also has a great balance and appreciation for life. It is important for a flamingo to stand out on its own. Even though the flamingo finds comfort in group settings, it always stands out in a crowd. Flamingos are flirtatious and have big personalities. They know how to balance a busy lifestyle and wear their hearts on their sleeves. Flamingos are the life of the party and the shoulder to cry on it one. They are inspirational and usually make all decisions based on what is in their heart. 


11x14x2.5 abstract acrylic on museum wrapped canvas 

Proverbs 30 Proverbs 30

20x20x1.5 acrylic abstract lion on a gallery wrapped canvas 


12x12x1.5 acrylic abstract koala on gallery wrapped canvas 

Family that stays together Family that stays together

The elephants are available at The Little Shop By the Tower in Collierville, Tn

24x24x1.5 abstract acrylic elephant family on gallery wrapped canvas 


30x30x1.5 abstract acrylic elephant on gallery wrapped canvas 

Courage Courage

8x10 acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas. Part of the spirit animals collection released 4.3.21. The tiger is fearsome. The tiger overcomes whatever obstacle it faces. They have power within them. They are patient and people can learn a lot from them. The tiger never gives up. They love fully and fiercely. 


The rhino is available through The Scouted Studio based in Charleston, South Carolina

24x24x1.5 acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas. 

The Rhino: this spirit animal reminds you to stop and give thanks to the countless miracles occurring in every moment of your life. The rhino searches for the truth and usually very wise.  Rhinos are confident in themselves. Rhinos are usually successful and strive to be the best versions of themselves. The rhino goes after its goals and refuses to give up. 

Patience Patience

20x20x1.5 acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas. Part of the spirit animals collection release 4.3.21

The Cheetah: 

If Cheetah is your spirit animal, you have enough energy to go around. 

The cheetah makes decisions quickly, and rarely remain indifferent. Cheetahs stay grounded, determine boundaries, and have laser focus. A cheetah is patient and waits for what is the most important instead of spending all of its energy on things that don't matter. Cheetahs remain calm, cool and collected and do not like yelling. They handle change with ease and have a great respect for other's boundaries. 

Cheetahs prioritize but don't hold on too long. A cheetah knows it's ok to be upset and allows time to pause, process, cry and then moves on to something happy. The cheetah spirit animal trust their gut above all else. They are very intuitive and it usually leads them in the right direction. Cheetahs not only make decisions quickly, they also put them into motion well before others. No matter what obstacles come up in your life, you face them with grace. The Cheetah has a swift, cleaver mind and is highly intelligent.



36x24x1.5 acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas. Part of the spirit animals collection release 4.3.21

The Bear: The meaning behind the bear spirit animal is strength and confidence. The bear represents leadership and stands up against adversity. The bear emphasizes the importance of rest and giving yourself time to recharge, and is always available to help a friend. 

True True

36x24x1.5 acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas. Part of the Spirits Animals Collection for 4/3/21

the dog: The dog represents love, faithfulness and loyalty. Their love is truly unconditional and has no bounds. They protect fiercely. The dog spirit animal is usually someone reliable, trustworthy, kind and loving. They often work in fields that allow them to serve others, like social work or teaching

A dog is loyal and true to all in its life, including itself. Dogs are the most consistent friend, incapable of deception. They work hard but also have a playfulness that draws you in. Dogs are true to their word, and rarely ever complain. They find the good in every situation. 

A dog’s love is truly unconditional. They will never turn their back on their family, no matter what. Even when they are hurt by someone, a dog still loves. They forgive instantly, love fully, and protect that love fiercely. 

A dog is also persistent, never giving up until it’s goal it complete. That doesn’t mean they don’t make time for play though. They approach have each situation with pure joy, and remind us all to find the joy in our own lives.  They are the best friend you’ll ever have, with the biggest heart full of love to give. 

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