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Hand Painted Tennessee Ornament Hand Painted Tennessee Ornament
Hand painted tennessee ornaments with gold chain and hook
3" Memphis ornament printed with the Memphis illustration map with a circle of Peabody Duck feet surrounding it
Grace is like Finding a  Waterfall When Only Looking for a Stream Grace is like Finding a  Waterfall When Only Looking for a Stream

Two 24x36 acrylic paintings on a 1.5 inch thick gallery wrapped canvas. Heavy texture added to the top under a layer of gold leaf and various hues of green acrylic paint! The two can be together or separate.

$450 per painting or $700 together.  Discount automatically added at checkout.

Calm My Anxious Heart Calm My Anxious Heart

36x48 abstract acrylic painting on a 1.5 inch thick gallery wrapped canvas. The little sister to the big painting, this painting uses blocks of calming blue and green hues to fit together like a puzzle. You can find subtle pops of gold that add a sense of cheer and joy to the serene painting. The edges are messy and unfinished, left to represent the glorious interruptions of life unexpected.


3 panel acrylic painting (2 12x36 and 1 36x36) on gallery wrapped canvas  


36x36x1.5 acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas. Commissioned dog portrait 

The Rebel Inside Me The Rebel Inside Me

3 24x48x1.5 acrylic paintings on spindled gallery wrapped canvas


24x36x1.5 wooden canvas with added texture and peaceful greens, grays, blues and yellows 

Dusk on the River Dusk on the River

24x24x1.5 acrylic on spindled gallery wrapped canvas 


8x10 acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas. Part of the spirit animals collection released 4.3.21. The tiger is fearsome. The tiger overcomes whatever obstacle it faces. They have power within them. They are patient and people can learn a lot from them. The tiger never gives up. They love fully and fiercely. 


24x36x1.5 wooden canvas with acrylic paint and thick texture

Memphis Ink Ornaments Memphis Ink Ornaments
hand painted ink ornaments
Grizzlies Ornaments Grizzlies Ornaments
limited edition hand painted Memphis Grizzlies Ornament. Check back for more 2020
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